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The AQUA Collection

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Our Hats will keep up with you!

Built for the Beach

Our Hats will keep up with you!

Built for the Outdoors

Our Hats will keep up with you!

The Perfect Fishing Hat

Our Hats will keep up with you!

Purpose Built

Built with Purpose and Intention to perform when it counts. Every product we produce is targeted at real world conditions and functionality.


Our SaltTactical Hats are built with materials that have antimicrobial technology. That means you can sweat hard and use our hats day in and day out with out having a bacteria problem that cause normal hats to stink.

built to Last

Built to withstand you! Wither you working hard, sweating hard, playing or even going on date night our SaltTactical Performance Hats are built to last and keep up with you!

top Quality

We seek a level that majority of manufactures settle with sub par material choice. We build top quality gear that is built with purpose and intention to last and be functional in our day to day life.

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The Snapback Hat
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